• Met𝓪mask - Security / Priv𝓪cy


    In many ways, MetaMask’s approach to security is through user anonymity rather than traditional security measures. Because the software is non-custodial, MetaMask login doesn’t keep any user data. Instead, wallets are protected by a user-generated password upon setup, biometric data on mobile devices, and restored using the unique 12-word seed phrase. Technical support cannot help users recover their passwords, which makes the seed phrase even more important. If a user loses their seed phrase, they run the risk of losing access to their wallet forever.


    Privacy and Anonymity
    MetaMask wallet takes the topic of privacy very seriously. Unlike a cryptocurrency wallet, the wallet doesn’t require users to submit any personally identifiable information to get started. Rather, users have complete control of the cryptocurrency collected and traded through their wallet, including their secret seed phrase. MetaMask does not store user data, and technical support will never ask users for their secret phrase.

    ow let’s tell you about using a MetaMask Account with the following steps that are directed below:


    Initiate the process by following the steps above to install MetaMask login


    Open a browser, and hit on the MetaMask logo that you see on-screen.


    Thoroughly read the 2 to 3 pages of terms and conditions and agree to it.


    Settle on an exclusive password for your wallet and hit “Create”